We offer three different models for publishers, meaning there is an option for all budgets and digital strategies.


Our Shakespeare model is perfect for publishers who do not want to invest money up-front into their digital catalogues. No fee is charged for conversion, and all income is split 50/50 with no deductions. This is an excellent low-risk strategy, as you are not spending money up front, but still reap the rewards of our worldwide distribution coverage.


Our Dickens model offers the best of both worlds – a low price for eBook conversion, and access to our industry-leading distribution service with a generous 75% of income paid with no deductions. If your strategy involves low investment and maximum return, this is the package for you.


Our Twain model is great for publishers who have either already paid for eBook conversion or have conversion skills in-house, but still want access to our unrivalled distribution network. As with the Dickens model, you receive 80% of all income, but with no costs up front; all we ask is that your eBook files meet the required quality control standards.


We can also tailor each of the above services to your needs. Contact us today to discuss how we can maximise your digital revenue.


Access to an Unrivalled Distribution Network
Monthly Royalty Report and Payment1
Worldwide eBook Sales through Retailers
Provision of eBook to Libraries & Institutions
eBook Conversion CostFREEFrom £100N/A
% of income paid50%75%80%


All prices are exclusive of VAT
1 payment subject to minimum threshold



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