We have multiple different models for publishers wishing to work with us, meaning there is an option for all budgets, all sizes of publisher, and all manner of digital strategies.

For example –

  • We can work on a ‘no upfront cost’ to you model, in which we take your existing content and convert it into digital eBook and POD versions, then sell it digitally across the globe for you on a fair revenue share though our extensive world wide network of retailers, libraries and other consumer outlets. This model has worked successfully for over 15 years now and we were we believe the first company in the world to offer this model to book publishers.
  • If you already have your books out via another third party, and would like us to quote to beat their existing royalty rate to you, we will almost certainly beat your existing deal and take over management and distribution of your existing digital content (eBook, Audiobook, POD) and also be likely to extend its existing coverage as well.*

(*Terms and conditions will apply, such as file and metadata quality, etc)

 We work with thousands of satisfied clients, and have done for over 20 years