We have been working with partners of all sizes from across the globe – from individual authors, to international publishers – games developers and IP owners – film and video creators – audio book and drama creators – and many brand owners for over 20 years, since the millennium year of 2000.

Our original core business which focused on producing eBooks and digitally printed physical books of the highest quality, and distributing them through a huge number of retailers and wholesalers worldwide, has now been replicated to do exactly the same high quality partnership service across many media mediums to include; digital games, audio (music, audio dramas and audio books), digital film and video, magazines, comics, and also licensing, marketing and merchandising services for many varied partners.

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We believe that some of the key factors behind our success are; the personal service we offer each individual, and our flexibility in the sense we are able and happy to adapt to our clients’ requirements. We offer a focused personal service but with corporate efficiency. We aim to generate you the maximum coverage and outlets for your media content in a fair, honest and open way.

Please take a look at some of the quotes and recommendations on this site, which come for just a small selection of the thousands of people and companies we have worked with over the past 20 years. With monthly reports to you on sales, and payments to you our partners (subject to payment thresholds) monthly also, you know you will be safe in our hands.

So whether you are a first-time author with a desire to see your début novel for sale, or the strategy manager for an established book or media publisher looking to maximise your digital revenue, or maybe the owner of a media brand looking to branch into merchandising or licensing of your content, a game, film or audio media creator or owner, we’d just love to hear from you to discuss how we can help you obtain your goal, and maximise your income. Please take a moment to read the relevant section of our website and then get in touch.

Also to help guide you through your quest into the digital media world, then please meet some of the core AUK team members who like adventure game ‘NPC’s’ will try to guide you, and assist you to pick your path wisely on your journey!