What we provide

Andrews UK is a family based UK publishing company and over the years we have developed and invested in our own bespoke eBook conversion process, which means no one else has the same system as us.

We work in partnership alongside our authors and publishers to ensure the best possible outcome for each title. All titles are reviewed for quality control purposes meaning we do not accept each and every title submitted to us. Our process is to work through each book on a page by page basis and insert our own house styles – resulting in some of the most up-to-date eBooks available today.


– Free ISBNS. One for your ePub, PDF and POD if applicable

– Free Cover design based on your suggestion

– Free Conversion and global distribution on all major online retailers

– Detailed monthly sales reports

– Monthly payments – subject to a payment threshold

– Quick and efficient replies to all queries, from a human – no generic computer responses


All work is carried out in the UK


The basics

  • What share of sales do I get?

We split all income (that means after a retailer has taken their share) 50/50 between ourselves and any contributors to a book.


  • What rights do I have to give you?

We require exclusive rights to the titles you have signed to us.


  • How long is the contractual term?

Our contractual term is six years. This may seem like a long time to an inexperienced author, however we invest a great deal of time and money into our titles; the term ensures that we both have a reasonable chance of making back on this investment. It is also shorter than many traditional publishing contracts, some of which used to be for thirty years or more!


I’m happy with the above, now I want to submit…


  • How do I submit?

Drop an email to submissions@andrewsuk.com with your full, finished manuscript (which should have been edited and checked for spelling and grammatical errors by you or someone you trust). Please use the book title as the subject heading. You are welcome to send us either a word document or a pdf at this stage, although please note that if we accept your submission we will require a .doc version of it to work with. Within the email you should also include your legal name, pen name, a bit about yourself and a brief description of the story you are submitting.


  • How long until I hear back from you?

We will reply as soon as we physically can. You may experience a longer delay around the last few days of the month – as that is when we send out our authors’ royalty reports.


  • What happens if you accept my submission?

If we accept your submission then we will email over a contract, metadata sheet and author guide. We require two signed copies of the physical contract to be sent back to us, one of which will be returned to you after we have signed it – please do keep this in a safe place.

Please note that entering your metadata completely and correctly is very important as the information is passed onto a number of retailers – we want to make sure it is as accurate as possible to ensure optimal sales of your story.