by Eric Scott


ISBN: 9781783331734
  • Word Count46,845
  • Page Count147
  • IllustrationsNone

Windsong is a novel of the supernatural and suspense, with well-drawn characters, deep emotion and heart-stopping action. When final year school student Kirsty’s young sister Karen, dies in an accident, she blames herself and is inconsolable. She falls into depression after a suicides attempt and is under psychiatric care. But then she discovers that the ghost of her sister is hovering around the place she met her death. Kirsty find a precarious kind of peace and makes regular visits to her sister and is determined to join her. Another girl, Erika, who is on a visit the town to see her boyfriend Josh, makes a psychic connection with Kirsty and Karen. Through the physical and mental links Erika has a week to battle Kirsty’s demons and her nemesis, a boy she once rejected, against the backdrop of a small university town.

About the Author

Eric Scott has been a show business journalist for 60 years in the UK and Australia as well as being a published novelist with adult, teenage and primary school books to his name as well as a 400-page memoir. Two editions of one-act plays for teenagers were also published by Longman Cheshire. He is a prolific writer of plays for adult audiences and most of his plays have been performed in amateur and professional venues in Australia. He does regular theatre review and previews on radio and runs his own entertainment web page at www.absolutetheatre.com.au He is also an actor and director with more than 50 stage productions under his belt in and many TV and film roles.