Water Birth Please!

by Elizabeth King


ISBN: 9781849897402
  • Word Count9,662
  • Page Count42
  • Illustrations1

Why is it that having children affects our ability to speak proper English? What exactly is the “Wassat?” game? How can a seemingly harmless children’s TV character give you a nosebleed? Water Birth Please is the Diary of a Mum muddling through each chaotic day with her gleefully troublesome toddler, Grace. Join them through a journey of pointless birth plans, disastrous diets, sleepless nights and social networking. A light hearted look at a little life based on original blog entries by the author. “Hail to the toddler! The stumbling, pointing, ga ga gaa-ing, smiling, gibbering, bashing, twirling, dribbling little person that rules our lives. Yes they scream and cry. Yes they throw wobblies. Yes, that little mouth will stay clamped tight when you are trying to insert wholesome food into it, and yet dog biscuits and wax crayons cannot be devoured fast enough. But MAN they don’t half make you smile.”

About the Author

Elizabeth King wishes she was more au-fait with technology and longs for the days when the typewriter and the postal service were prevalent! She works part-time as a sign language communicator, is a keen blogger (www.waterbirthplease.wordpress.com), musician, writer and a first time Mum to Grace. Born in Grimsby, she now lives in Bolton with her husband, Grace, two dogs and Chicken the cat - her other baby. She is a big fan of humorous fiction and favourite authors include Jerome K Jerome, E M Delafield, and P G Wodehouse. Elizabeth’s favourite quote is “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” – Eleanor Roosevelt. (Except maybe . . . a toddler?)