Walker: Beijing 2008

by James London


ISBN: 9781781661505
  • Word Count85,313
  • Page Count247
  • IllustrationsNone
  • SeriesWalker

It’s the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and Walker makes a comeback after his three-and-a half years as a recluse following his marathon victory in Athens, 2004. With some incredible track and field performances, he proves that dedication, diet and extreme physical fitness can beat the cheats who resort to performance-enhancing drugs. But will the timely release of Walker’s book, which contains his lifetime’s work on controlling the ageing process and prolonging human life, bring disbelief and ridicule when it is revealed that Walker is actually 200 years old?

About the Author

James London has written in a variety of genres, but the sporting life is of special interest to him. He has for many years tried to understand the mind of a champion. He has never been a champion himself, although coming up short on many occassions that mattered never dented his self belief. He is a former international athlete who still trains several times a week and in the field of literature like many of his comtempories prefers to keep his real indentity a secret.