Tumbling Down

by Marylyn Palmer


ISBN: 9781849899123
  • Word Count46,291
  • Page Count175
  • IllustrationsNone

Tumbling Down is a mystery novel from new author Marylyn Palmer that takes readers into a world of misadventure, intrigue and murder. A clash of personalities and a grudge about not getting a job, lead the supervisor and deputy at a children’s nursery to become arch enemies. Conflict quickly builds between the two causing problems at work and in their personal lives. When one of them is found dead, the other becomes the prime suspect.

About the Author

Marylyn Palmer has authored a number of short stories including The Time Thief, Hall O’Ween's Ghost and Hair in the Plughole along with collection of family inspired poems titled Homemade. She is also the co-founder, newsletter editor and webmaster for New Eastbourne Writers.