by David Griffiths


ISBN: 9781849896825
  • Word Count104,101
  • Page Count320
  • IllustrationsNone
  • SeriesOne God Trilogy

Trinity is the third book of the One God trilogy. Hope Caradoc is the owner of the most successful company in all time. Living on a small island adjacent to Tokyo, Japan and owning a vast percentage of all of the businesses around the world she is a very busy woman, even for a god. Now, as the endgame draws near she and her immaculately conceived daughter and two friends, Loki and Satan, must take on the aid of Job and his son Mike in order to free her deceased mothers from the grave, work out how she is going to convince the world leaders that she is the one true God, try and gain the help of her brother Joseph, worry about the true allegiences of her other brother, Gabriel, re-enlist the help of the remains of Heaven’s Host and finally be ready to face her father and the Throne of Hell. As the battle heats up there is no other option but to ensure that by the end there is only one god.

About the Author

David Griffiths has been writing almost since he left school. He's also travelled a lot. He's rarely seen the inside of an office but feels he's seen plenty of the world. The hardest task he's had has been to see the inside of himself, something he now feels he's managed and boy, he likes what he's seen. He's seen a fair few struggles. He's faced a fair few battles. And he cherishes all of his life experiences, good and bad, because they've made him the person he is. He has been accused of being a narcissist but the thought of having a relationship with himself makes him a bit queasy. He's also been accused of living in a fantasy world, an accusation to which his typical response is, “Who doesn't?” When he's not trying to entertain the world he likes to show his daughter what a big kid he is.