Trevor’s Island

And Other Stories

by Margaret Gumble


ISBN: 9781782342083
  • Word Count9,982
  • Page Count33
  • IllustrationsNone

Trevor’s Island

Having to leave his home and family far behind to go to school on the mainland Trevor is very unhappy and homesick. Then one night something magical happens and he is taken to an enchanted place. Here he finds happiness and amazing new friends.

Tracy’s Wish

This story tells how a jealous girl makes a foolish wish to have her baby brother disappear, but is overheard by a witch who snaches him away. Finding a fairy friend she sets out to rescue him and faces grave danger.

Tales of the Woods

This book contains a warning to take notice of our surroundings and follow the country code. The story tells how a thoughtless action can bring terrible suffering to the creatures of the woods.

Pip to the Rescue

This book tells of the courage of a wood sprit to save his lake dwelling friends .Pip and his river bank friends are happy in their home, until cruel boys take away the toad to make sport with him. Pip uses his magic flute to save him and teaches these children how to treat others.

Henry’s Plight

A farm gate not secured allows an inquisitive calf out to explore the world beyond the safety of the farm and into the hands of ruthless men who mean to sell him so he can never return home.

About the Author

Margaret Gumble has been writing for many years and enjoys putting words to paper and bringing her imagination to life.She is a retired foster career and has gained a vast knowledge of the personal experiences traumatized children endure. This has given her a window into human nature, and how children use fantasies to escape the trials of everyday life. The children in her care enjoyed these and other stories. Margaret hopes others will find pleasure in reading them too.