Toxic Treacle

by Echo Freer


ISBN: 9781785382000
  • Word Count68,320
  • Page Count214
  • IllustrationsNone

Toxic Treacle is a dystopian thriller for Young Adults. It is set in a society where female nurturers have excluded males from all aspects of child rearing other than breeding and financial maintenance. Monkey is 15: a pre-breeder and he will soon graduate to the male zones at the other side of town. Angel, the pre-nurturer that he loves is destined for a life of child rearing and nurturing. Society is run on the oppressive rules of T.R.E.A.C.L.E. – Training and Resources for Educating Adolescent Children in a Loving Environment. But it is not what it seems and people are going missing, including Monkey’s best mate, Tragic. Monkey and Angel set out to find Tragic but discover a world of intrigue, murder and toxicity that puts their own lives at risk.

About the Author

Echo Freer was born and brought up in Yorkshire. She trained as a teacher and educational assessor but now divides her time between writing and visiting schools . She lives in east London with her husband.