This is Only the Start

by Mike Holden


ISBN: 9781783336531
  • Word Count73,401
  • Page Count260
  • IllustrationsNone

When Chuck Denbury, an iconic pop star of the 1960’s is brutally murdered, the police find it impossible to charge the perpetrators with anything more serious than Grevious Bodily Harm. His son, Kevin, a musician himself, is infuriated by this. However a shadowy organisation contacts him and tells him that they can help to avenge his father’s death. He reluctantly agrees to their help but there is a cost. Kevin ventures into a world he never knew existed and where all the members take the names of famous film stars. He bites off far more than he can chew with devastating consequences not only to himself but to many others including his own girlfriend.

About the Author

Mike Holden was born in the Lancashire town of Bury and grew up in the north-west of England. He spent most of his working life in the travel and transport industries . After living in various parts of the country including Kent and the beautiful Gower Peninsula in South Wales, he is now semi-retired and lives on the north Essex coast. This is Mike's fourth novel where he introduces the charactors of Kevin Denbury and Leah Beauchamp for the first time.