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Why should you buy this book? Easy: I’ve written a straightforward and easy-to-follow guide to malt whiskies which will point you straight in the direction of malts which will be to your taste, based on whiskies you’ll probably be familiar with and which are readily available to try out in many pubs. Based on those malts I’ll show you which are similar in character so you’ll know that if you like such and such a whisky then you’ll probably like these also. The tasting notes give an overall guide to each malt, and I’ve concentrated on the distillers’ standard, readily available bottlings, without trying to confuse you with details of other variants. If you find a malt which invites further investigation you’ll probably find a number of bottlings, and knowing it’s to your taste your explorations will be well founded. Many people stick to the same brands, or don’t know what else to look for. There are hundreds of malts out there, all crying out to be tried, and this guide will point you in the direction of malts to try, based on your established tastes. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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A beginner's guide to the single malts of the UK and Ireland






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Graham Moore


Graham Moore worked as a professional photographer before becoming a whisky writer and began his first book, Malt Whisky: A Contemporary Guide, as a project to photograph Scotland’s distilleries, an interest sparked on a family holiday to Speyside at the age of 17. A second book followed, Malt Whisky: A Taste of Scotland, during the writing of which Graham amassed a collection of tasting notes covering a wide range of Scotland’s single malts. Expanded to include malts from Ireland and the new distilleries in Wales and England they are collected here. Graham and his wife Jill, to whom this guide is dedicated, live near York and have visited every malt whisky distillery in Scotland!







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