The Sunbird

by Susan Fairfoot


ISBN: 9781783336555
  • Word Count131,312
  • Page Count403
  • IllustrationsNone

The story is set at that time of economic collapse in Europe when men, desperate for work, flocked to the colonies from all over Europe. Many thousands travelled to South Africa in the hope of making a fortune from the new gold fields. Newspaper articles suggest a bonanza of husbands and employment for the many single women left behind. Without the dependence upon a husband, there is little support and a very narrow entitlement for women in these days. Upon arrival in South Africa, these women found the situation much more difficult than they ever imagined. Those unable to find employment or husbands were forced into prostitution which flourished in the boom towns in the 1890s where pimps, “white slavers” and gun-toting gangsters controlled the brothels. They were exploited by organized gangsters who had been driven from the seamier side of European cities by sweeping anti-vice laws. This is one girl’s story about her parting from her island life in the Hebrides, to survive those treacherous situations that luckless women fell foul to in South Africa during these trying times.

About the Author

Sue Fairfoot currently divides her time between working in the UK half the year, and living in South Africa for the other half of the year. She has published three books to date including Liar (published as Kwezi Fairfoot, 2009), The Paw Paw Tree (2011) and the German version Die L Gnerin - Ein Lehrst Ck in Boshaftigkeit (2012), and the critically-acclaimed Speaking with Strangers (2012). All of Sue’s novels are based on real-life events, and she is currently writing her next fact-based fiction novel.