The Story of the Fly


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The story of the fly and how it could save the world will take you behind the pesky reputation and inside the brain and body of the much misunderstood fly.

It investigates the insect as a pest and how man has tried tirelessly, often unsuccessfully) to kill it – exploring everything from how it walks on ceilings to how it survives Ice Ages and outsmarts all manner of fly swats, toxins and traps. The book also reveals how, throughout history, innovative humans – including Genghis Kahn, Napoleon Bonaparte’s surgeon, NASA, various forensic entomologists and the UK’s National Health Service – have harnessed and researched the fly to help mankind.

But ultimately it introduces the fly as a future hero that could help save the world.

How? By recycling waste nutrients and generating sustainable protein to spare the fish in the ocean and feed the ever-growing number of people on our Earth. That’s a story worth telling. And one worth reading, too.

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..and How It Could Save the World








Jason Drew


Jason Drew is an international business leader and serial entrepreneur turned environmentalist and author. Born in London, Jason studied at the European Business School in London’s Regent Park and has lived and worked all over the world before settling in South Africa in 2004. He has held leadership roles in a number of international businesses, from General Electric to BUPA and Egg before leading the start-up of Africa’s leading outsourced services provider with over 3000 staff. He collects medieval English pewter and contemporary South African art. He is a passionate polo player, loves flying and fishing as well as opera and rock. He is married with two sons.

Justine Joseph is a scientist by training, a freelance journalist by profession and probably the world’s biggest fly fan. She has a Bachelor of Science (Medical) Honours from the University of Cape Town and almost ten years’ experience as a health and science magazine writer and editor. She is a general collector of interesting facts. She was a Mondi Magazine Award finalist and the international winner of the Novo Nordisk Media Prize for Excellence in Diabetes Writing in 2006. Amongst other things, she has been deputy editor of Shape; managing editor of Discovery Health magazine; and a regular contributor to Men’s Health, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, O – The Oprah magazine and Hip2B2







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