The Song of Hope

by HMJ Rand


ISBN: 9781849891806
  • Word Count101,692
  • Page Count334
  • IllustrationsNone
  • SeriesAUK New Authors

How could you live without hope? How could you make friends, or even fall in love, knowing that nothing you do will last? Then again, how could you not?
The young woman Elen finds that she has been plucked from her comfortable life and set down on a spacecraft the size of a town – just as easy-going, and surrounded by friendly faces. But she can’t get off. And everyone aboard knows they’re heading out to one of the brief battles of a high-tech war – an event that will kill most of them. Those who survive don’t remember the actual fighting, instead have to live with the certainty that they will soon do it all again: there is simply no escape. It is here Elen must now find space to exist, because life does blossom and love can grow even in an environment as harsh as this. Here; where everyone dies, and hope does not exist.