The Secrets to Speaking to Your Destiny and Causing It To Manifest


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With a combination of partial voice in scholastic, scientific, philosophical, inspirational and religious writing, enclave with a cutting edge smoldering with idealism, Musa Joel, Winner of Academy Scholarship Award, unveils the power of your self-fulfilling prophecy – the art of speaking to your destiny, demanding the best out of it and declaring it into manifestation! So it’s time to stop leaving your destiny to chance and allowing the negative assumptions of the significant adults in your life betray and control your destiny. Too often, these assumptions or prophecies, like nuclear weapons, ballistic missiles, rocket launchers, unilateral disarmaments, war machines and more, reflects the reasons why you’ve hitherto submitted to fear, uncertainty, failure and had continue to revolve within your own limiting orbits! This book will show you the tragedy of how many of us are familiar with the wonders of modern science and technology, ancient antiques , scientific and archaeological discoveries that have outlasted so many centuries, generations, nations, and races and yet, are grossly unaware and totally unfamiliar with the immense power we possess to withstand the most daunting challenges of life.
The principal audience of this book is people who, in order to succeed, must be able to influence and convincingly communicate to their destiny. It has been written and designed for the religious and the unchurch people, and those who aspire to unravel the mystery of their complex nature, far more than the atom and nucleus, or the unity and beauty found in nature. Like the wonders of science, it talks more about the intricate wonders of your nature, your complexity, your creative mind, your will power and more. As the scientist sit in his laboratory, peering through the microscope to document his findings, in The Secrets to Speaking to Your Destiny and Causing It to Manifest, you will peers through your design nature and discover the mystery of your make up more than the mystery of technical advancement. Every line in this book will lead to the unfolding of your glorious destiny into your glorious security!
This book is about changing destiny and enforcing the mind of God into your future.

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How to Use the Power of Your Self-fulfilling Prophecy








Musa Joel


Musa Joel is the Founder and CEO of The Nigerian Writers’ Institute (TNWI) and TNWI Book Publishing & Rights Agency. At the age of 21, he won the Academy Scholarship Award to study computer engineering. The award was presented to him on the 25th of January, 2003, on the National Television Authority NTA (Channel 10), Lagos, Nigeria, by Engineer Simeon Onasanya – a man who had worked for the International Business Machine (IBM) rated to be the number one computer company in the World and had also delivered lectures at the yearly American Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer (IEEE) convention – and was televised live nationwide!

As founder and president, he had had the privilege of teaching lecturers in higher institutions’ of learning, church reverends, business people and youths on creative writing. He started teaching in seminars and conferences in 2009, particular under Greenleaf International Conference. He has also written so many short fictions which are yet to be book-to-film. Some of his book titles include: Dealing With the Feeling of Helplessness In a Changing World (formerly titled, . . .So You Feel So Little?); How to Turn Words Into Money; Shifting Shadows (How to Deal With Days After the Honeymoon Is Over!); The Secrets to Speaking to Your Destiny and Causing It to Manifest, and more.

Presently he is seriously working on his three major books titled: How to Start a Successful Business With Just What You Have (Proven Secrets to Building a World Class Company With Zero Money in the Bank Through Your Natural Gift and Ability); The 21 Secrets of How Jesus Made Generational Impacts; Blueprints – The Art of Breaking Out of the Prisons of Your Own Making; Why We Are Where We Are and more!

Musa Joel also deliver speech in conferences and seminars, schools and corporations, giving simple suggestions and concrete techniques on business and relationships, and also giving inspirational and motivational speeches on workable success principles.