The Ripples and the Tapestries

by Lyz Harvey


ISBN: 9781908354143
  • Word Count121,206
  • Page Count377
  • IllustrationsNone

A wonderful thought provoking novel from Lyz Harvey. Following Cressida’s unexpected death, Troy retrieves two secret manuscripts from her house, ensuring that even Cressy’s son remains unaware of their existence. These manuscripts lead Troy on a journey of discovery, despite the grief of bereavement and loss, which reveals Cressy’s hitherto unknown and emerging beliefs, explored in the novel she left behind her. The novel contains many threads within its various plots, charting the profound effects of one woman’s arrogance and need to control not only her family, but everyone she encounters. The ripples of her behaviour and beliefs continue even after her death, as her family comes to terms with her legacy of secrecy and spite. The woman herself discovers an unexpected afterlife in which she has to acknowledge her motivation and the consequences of her actions in the life she left so suddenly, before she is able to move on.

About the Author

Deep in the Worcestershire countryside, Lyz Harvey weaves her written webs of intrigues and their consequences. She has been a creative writer for almost as many years as she has been spiritually developing as a healer and holistic counsellor - which, in actual calculation, is the latter third of her life. Born into the spiritual backwater of the industrial Midlands and given an orthodox upbringing, her spiritual journey began in earnest when she moved to live near the roots of some of the dissenters and freethinkers of her own family’s past. Now, as her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother did before her, she has taken the mantle of the village Wise Woman, helping others untangle their knots.