The Relationship Manifesto

How to Have the Perfect Relationship

by Stephen Whitehead


ISBN: 9781782345367
  • Word Count63,640
  • Page Count197
  • IllustrationsNone

The Relationship Manifesto is a must-read for anyone in, out of, or looking for a relationship. It is simply the most informed, frank and explicit book on modern love, sex and romance that you’ll read. Full of expert advice, easy to follow guidelines and true life examples, this book will guarantee you never experience a ‘failed’ relationship again. Discover the 12 Aspects of Togetherness that secure love; the 10 Core Truths to all relationships; the 3 Types of Love we all experience; the 5 Types of Relationships available to you; and the 10 Love Myths that stop us from reaching our true relationship potential. As The Relationship Manifesto declares, there is now a new global gender reality and the only way to save relationships is to change them: commit to 10 year renewable vows; make the 15 Love Promises; and embrace your evolving self. Here is the ultimate relationship manifesto for the 21st century.

About the Author

Dr Stephen Whitehead is Visiting Professor in Gender Studies at Shih Hisn University, Taiwan and formally Senior Lecturer in Education and Gender at Keele University, UK. He has written and co-authored numerous journal articles and ten mainstream and academic books which have been published in 17 languages. Stephen’s books include, Gender and Identity (Oxford University Press), The Many Faces of Men (Random House); Men and Masculinities (Polity); Masculinities Reader (Polity); Men, Women, Love and Romance (Andrews); 16 Faces of Women (Andrews); Managing Professional Identity (Routledge). He has been a relationship coach for over ten years and has provided guidance to hundreds of couples and individuals around the world.