The Narrow Road of Twisted Tales

by Gloria Michelle Aaron


ISBN: 9781849897891
  • Word Count22,263
  • Page Count73
  • IllustrationsNone

This book is for seven to twelve year old boys and girls. They would love to read stories that are based on adventure, fantasy and mystery. Each story has a twist and an unexpected ending. The story of Peter and the Midnight party is about Peter and his adventures with the fairy folk; A Change in Fortune is about a poor family who suddenly became rich; Princess Jizzybell is the magic child born to a King and Queen; The Beautiful Woman’s secret is a story about a woman who became beautiful through certain means; The Good Housewife is a story about a housewife who was expected to know how to cook but did not and therefore sort to cook through certain means; All That Glitters is about how one can envy the life of another and yet all is not as it seems in the life of the other; The Boarding House of Mysteries is about the adventures of three boys in a college that was built on a haunted land. These stories have lessons to be learnt embedded in them. Look for these lessons and enjoy reading.

About the Author

Gloria Michelle Aaron lives in London with her two children. She has always enjoyed reading fairy tales even more so as she has her children to read to. She is a Lecturer at a Further Education College in London where she teaches tourism. In her spare time, she likes to go for walks in the park with her children, go to cinema and loves to read and write in her spare time.