The Logic Bomb

by Paul Wordsworth


ISBN: 9781849898843
  • Word Count163,646
  • Page Count478
  • IllustrationsOne coloured Image

Amsterdam 2054: Damen van Hool is working on just another job: directing the vid story of how, three decades before, gravity wave signals were detected from another intelligence. His work takes him inside the datasystems of Kittcorps, the international corporation set up to exploit the new science and technologies arising from the alien contact. But he stumbles across something that Kittcorps would rather keep secret; something which puts him in mortal peril…

About the Author

Paul is a surveyor and university academic who has previously written text books and journal papers about building management and flood risk, but now he indulges his love of penning gripping action adventure novels, short stories, and plays. From Merseyside, England, he has published his first full-length novel The Logic Bomb, and is curently working on his second, Permission To Live, due out shortly.