The Last Moon Boat


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The Last Moonboat
A small village in a valley reluctantly welcomes a solitary man who wishes to spread love and happiness among the local children; with rather unexpected results. And what about dabbling with the Great Magic in your attic? It can be done obviously…but….There again we have all been students trying to make a little extra money for minimum work haven’t we? It’s lucky we did not end up in this ‘highly des. Res ‘ perhaps! And the power of the Moon – still working her timeless power it seems in this modern tale…..while other ancient forces are at work in Russia after a trip to the ballet no less. While in a cultural mood – maybe a trip to a Cathedral would prove less than boring. And remember not to waste time – the hero of this next tale was an expert on that topic; for a while at least. And, finally, back to the Mother Moon’s influence for the book’s title story. More memories for you, more mysteries to intrigue you!

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Mike Hoinville


Mike has spent most of his life in education in many countries and has been writing since 1998 as a hobby until now. This is his first foray into publishing with his collections of short, and long, stories. In addition there will soon be a trilogy; nearing completion. A lifetime of song-writing at semi-professional level, positive feedback from his contacts all over the world from California to Moscow on his creative writing has finally persuaded him to offer his work to a wider audience. A keen reader with a rather eclectic library of books in English, French and Russian collected on his travels provides the core inspiration for much of his work. Folk tales, quirky historical mysteries and personal experience ranging from the mystic to the hilariously improbable are rich seams for him to explore and show no signs of running out any time soon!







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