The Jaguar

A Tale of Gods, Ghosts and Gangsters

by A.T. Grant


ISBN: 9781785382529
  • IllustrationsNone
  • Word Count105,753
  • Page Count327

David’s life is spiralling out of control. To put a past relationship behind him, he goes on holiday to Mexico. Meanwhile, on the US-Mexican border, brothers Luis and Alfredo fight to maintain their family’s drug-trafficking empire. Alfredo is forced to flee, and Luis takes on the most feared of all the cartels. Reunited in the Yucatan Peninsula, the brothers temporarily outwit their pursuers. As David and an eclectic mix of fellow travellers stumble through the jungles of ancient Maya, powerful spirits are stirring. Events long past are brought to the fore. Tourists, traffickers and Mayans combine and nothing is quite as it seems.

About the Author

A T Grant explored young people’s relationship with the natural world on route to a doctorate, whilst working as a full-time teacher. The discipline of writing extended into fiction. Safe havens of childhood fantasy forged by a troubled past combined with personal adventures on exotic shores to forge this, his first novel. A lifetime of travel now fights for space on the paper.