The Guide to Event Management

A Guide to Setting Up, Planning and Managing an Event Successfully

by Rus Slater


ISBN: 9781781662236
  • Word Count12,248
  • Page Count63
  • IllustrationsTwo Colour Illustrations

This book aims to guide you through all the elements you need to consider to make an event go well, avoiding the firefighting, crisis management and squabbling that can erupt if you fail to plan. It will take you through the whole process from setting and agreeing the intention of the event, through clarifying who can make what decisions, through all the different facets of making sure that the event actually runs smoothly on the day. Whether you are planning a wedding or a street party, a corporate conference or a fundraiser this book will be a very useful little helper to ensure that you come out of the whole thing looking, sounding and acting like a seasoned professional.

About the Author

Rus Slater has been organising events since the mid 1980s. These stretch from parts of the Royal Tournament to Charity Balls, from company conferences to Summer Fairs, from village street parties to major demonstrations and exhibitions. These events have been run for a vareity of purposes from fundraising to PR events, from "thank yous" to team builds. They have been run for, by and with employees and volunteers. Here he distills the lessons he has learned over the years as both a stand alone organiser and an event committee member and chair. Rus is also a successful author of several management books sold worldwide.