The Great Fury

by Thomas Kennedy


ISBN: 9781785382505
  • Word Count77,423
  • Page Count274
  • IllustrationsNone

Oengus, the stolen son of the Celtic Gods, has come of age. He must serve his apprenticeship and as a first step, he is made the God of Inconsequential Things. He must go to New York to recover a sword called ‘The Great Fury’. Oengus finds his task is shrouded in complexity. Morag the Witch is plotting to contaminate the Manhattan Water System. Oengus is supported by the apprentice witch Maedbh and they are targeted by Morag and her crew of the Greyman with the embrace of death, Dearg Due the Vampire and Leanan Sidhe the seductress.

Will Oengus recover the lost sword and save New York from a plague of rats?

About the Author

Thomas Kennedy is based in Ireland. He has written series of Irish/American Fantasy fiction novels. These novels include ancient mythical Irish Celtic creatures and give them roles in humorous contemporary adventures in the modern world of USA cities. He is married with five children.