The Devil Couldn’t Break Me


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Laura was just eighteen years of age when she fled her family home on the Serbian Kosovo border at the height of the former Yugoslavian conflict. Her father felt she would be safer in Kosovo, free from the rape camps, massacres and ethnic cleansing that took place on their doorstep, the streets of the capital patrolled by US peacekeeping forces. Reluctantly she made the long journey through the mountains and eventually arrived in Pristina. Neither Laura or her father were aware she had entered a city one US delegate described, “as one vast crime scene.”

She had no idea what terrors lay ahead, as she crossed the path of ‘The Chief’, a self professed freedom fighter in the Kosovan Liberation Army. On the face of it The Chief’ claimed to be fighting a noble cause. Behind closed doors he was the mastermind of a huge operation dealing in organ harvesting, people trafficking and prostitution and his evil gang raped tortured and killed at will.

Laura had stumbled through the gates of hell. Follow her quite unbelievable true story of kidnap, murder, brutality and abuse set against the backdrop of one of Europe’s most recent and bloody conflicts and how she encountered some of the most evil men on the planet.
This is Laura’s story of courage and hope and how some of the most evil men on the planet did not break her spirit.

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Laura Aslan


Laura Aslan is now married and living in Asia with her husband and two children. She was just eighteen years old when she was forced to flee her family home in Veliki Trnovac, in Serbia, twenty kilometres from the border with Kosovo at the height of the former Yugoslavia conflict. This is her first book.







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