The Dad’s Army Movie Dossier

The Making of Jimmy Perry and David Croft's Classic Film

by Mark McCaighey


ISBN: 9781785381423
  • Word Count12,631
  • Page Count52
  • IllustrationsNone

Atten-shun! We present ready for your inspection The Dad’s Army Movie Dossier. A new and original book that targets Jimmy Perry and David Croft’s classic1971 movie spin-off from their top ranking BBC TV sitcom. Under the cover you’ll discover such information as why the making of the film proved to be at times a frustrating experience for Jimmy Perry, why the sequel movie entitled Dad’s Army and the Secret U-boat Base never emerged and how Clive Dunn (Corporal Jones) nearly submerged in a stunt involving a horse, a raft and a river. As well as behind-the-scenes anecdotes, there are quotes from the writers and stars, character and actor biographies, a bumper quiz and more. There is also a passing salute to the 2015 Dad’s Army movie. So, get yourself kitted out with The Dad’s Army Movie Dossier an entertaining and informative book that is an absolute must-have for Dad’s Army fans of all ages. At ease!

About the Author

Mark McCaighey is a long-time fan of classic British comedy and has written on the subject for various publications. In 1999 he began on local radio in Dublin, writing and presenting Laughing Matter a live weekly two hour show dedicated to classic comedy which ran until 2002. The following year he moved to Cambridge, where he continued writing and presenting his unique classic comedy shows for local radio. This is his fourth published book, his others are: The Rising Damp Quiz & Trivia Book, The Fawlty Towers Quiz & Trivia Book and The I’m Alan Partridge Quiz & Trivia Book.