The Concubine Affair

by Quig Shelby


ISBN: 9781783339280
  • Word Count67,923
  • Page Count272
  • IllustrationsNone

A story of reincarnation, and an undying love that reaches through the centuries. Mental health nurse Alain Fontaney finds a soul mate in high-class patient Verity Forster. As she drifts in and out of psychosis, both discover this is their second forbidden affair. Verity was once an Emperor’s concubine, and Alain the Jesuit priest she loved and lost. Alain discovers a drug that connects their past lives with the present, and with Verity’s help fights to rewrite history. If not, the Emperor, reborn as Verity’s playboy husband, will triumph once more.

About the Author

Quig Shelby hails from Nottingham, and has been writing for twenty years. His soul is eternally restless, and amongst many jobs he has worked as a croupier, chiropodist, and mental health nurse. He currently runs his own nursing agency. His first book entitled The Crocodile Masquerade was published by Andrews UK in Summer '14.