The Christmas Files 2: Averus Returns

by Alan Wilkinson


ISBN: 9781783339846
  • Word Count21,520
  • Page Count97
  • IllustrationsNone

It’s been three years since Genk Relbeck foiled Operation Snowstorm and all is quiet at The Grotto. But when Luther Averus is broken out of prison, Genk, Rakki and Santa face a whole new threat. And this time it’s closer to home.

About the Author

Alan Wilkinson was born and brought up in Dundee on the North East coast of Scotland. He moved to the North Pole in his early 20s after securing a position as a reporter on the Elfin Echo newspaper. He made his name during the famous Snowgate scandal, his coverage of which won him the Polar Press Society's award for Excellence in Investigative Journalism. In recent years he has enjoyed unprecedented access to The Grotto and Santa Claus's toy-making operation. His other books include The Christmas Files: Operation Snowstorm