The Cave Emu


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This fantastic addition to the Colin the Librarian series contains four new exciting stories.

Colin’s Second Chinese Adventure

A question by Colin’s little daughter Charlotte leads to the phoenix on the magic bookmark transporting the whole family plus Sammy and M back to ancient China to the very palace and time Colin and Sammy experienced an earlier adventure. The story unfolds like a pantomime with the Emperor playing crazy golf and his enemies the Ugly Brothers being defeated by Colin and M aided by Fleddy the dragon.

An Emu On Safari

Colin and M find themselves in two different countries more than 50 years apart, as they foil two attempts by Colonel Chumbley a safari leader to kill an elephant as the final item on his list. First M enables an elephant to shoot and wound Chumbley, but still determined to complete his task, the colonel, due to the actions of an invisible emu, only manages to shoot and wound himself. At the end of the story how did Mrs. Biggle get all those excellent photos of African animals on her digital camera? She was dreaming, wasn’t she?

The Cave Emu

An adventure set in prehistoric times. Colin as a 5 year old boy is transported by the magic phoenix bookmark with Sammy and M along with a couple called Audrey and Neville to meet a tribe of cave-dwellers. After Colin, M and Sammy capture two marauding dinosaurs and M creates his own cave painting the phoenix takes Colin and his companions back to Neville’s home in the 1980s. Eventually Colin realises what is so familiar about Neville. This man is his father! Immediately the phoenix sends Colin back to the present day. There is the hint of a further adventure to explain a mystery concerning Colin’s own family.

The King’s New Knight

A middle-aged Colin meets a middle-aged King Arthur at Camelot. Colin’s friend Jez Jellysox suddenly appears in the role of Sir Galahad and survives sitting at the Round Table on the lethal Siege Perilous. He single-handedly accomplishes two tasks, including the rescuing of the king’s cousin Lady Gwendoline from a high tower. Finally he launches a sole attack against the enemy shield-wall facing the castle, but it is actually M walking invisibly behind him in what looks like an empty suit of armour who panics the besiegers. Then with the aid of the magic phoenix bookmark Colin restores Arthur’s hearing. Having arrived safely home again, Colin and Olivia receive a text message from Jellysox informing them that he will be bringing his new lady friend Gwen around to see them tomorrow. Whatever next?

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