The Bonnie Blue Conspiracy

A Cocktail of Plot, Trechery and Killing with a Twist of Foreign Intervention

by Neil Michael O'Mara


ISBN: 9781782342328
  • Word Count27,737
  • Page Count103
  • IllustrationsNone

At a time of unprecedented US economic turmoil a fanatical new leader emerges of a secret neo-confederate brotherhood. The President, mired in desperate decision making and worried that his first lady is having an affair, embarks on a mission of radical measures to redress the budget. His proposal is viewed as extreme and contemptible providing the spark the brotherhood’s new leader has been waiting for. With riots across a number of cities in the southern states, a plan is hatched with the potential backing of a foreign power to declare secession from the Union. Enter the Vice President whose office was once described as ‘not worth a bucket of warm spit’ is somewhat detached having his own agenda and ambitions finds himself in the middle of all this and chief focus of attention.

About the Author

From the north of England the author having a University of Manchester honours degree in business management has spent much of his working life as a senior manager in the construction industry. Other notable achievements have been in building studies and latterly in residential property surveying. The author has enjoyed travelling to North America and Europe whether on holiday or on business but likes nothing better than to relax in his local for the pub quiz. Born on the Ides of March and a year before the Berlin Wall was started, is there any wonder he has always had a fascination with political thrillers and has decided to turn his hand to writing his own.