The Blue Wand – Volume 1

The magic world of Lanomawood

by Lino Omoboni


ISBN: 9781849897464
  • Word Count88,710
  • Page Count280
  • IllustrationsNone
  • SeriesDeliverance

It is the first book of a trilogy telling about the adventures of the 14 year-old friends James and Joey. Using a wand James grandfather had for many years, they cross to the magic world of Lanomawood (The Land of the Magic wood) where they encounter many different people and characters including a wise old man, a wizen old tree, the good spirit of the forest and a beautiful teenage girl with magical powers. An evil wizard rules the land and for two thousand years, since throwing the wand into our world, nobody in Lanomawood has aged. The wise old man hails James as their liberator and tells him he is the one to challenge and defeat the evil wizard.

About the Author

Lino was born in Chile, in 1938 from Italian father and Chilean mother. Lino is a professional mechanic and carpenter though in his younger age he practices the sports of mountaineering and motorcycling racing. In the late 1960', he travelled to Argentina, Brazil and Peru. In 1960, he became a private pilot flying small aeroplanes. He married in 1962 to Patricia Soulat with whom he has five children. Because of the military coup of 1973, he left with his family to become a refugee in Peru. He came to live in the United Kingdom with his family in 1974. In the 1980', he became a professional actor working mainly with foreign characters in English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German and French languages. Now been a pensioner he is dedicating the rest of his live to write fantasy stories.