The 70th Week

Wrath of the Lamb

by Ivan Latham


ISBN: 9781782344476
  • IllustrationsNone
  • Word Count43,644
  • Page Count158

It is the near future. Ancient prophecies of the Antichrist have been fulfilled in the rise to power of charismatic politician, Christopher Martinez. As the long-anticipated Man of Sin tightens his grip on mankind, only a remnant of the faithful remain to resist his hellish ambitions. Among them, Jesuit priest, Father Edward Mancini, whose own fate is inextricably bound up with the destiny of the world. Meanwhile, in England, an unprecedented spiritual awakening has become a beacon of hope in the increasing darkness….

About the Author

Ivan Latham is a 41 year old British author whose previous credits include a number of acclaimed fantasy short stories published in various UK-based magazines. A Catholic-inspired believer, this faith invariably inspires his work. 'The 70th Week' was first conceived around 10 years ago, and was written in response to the generic evangelical End Time fiction which he perceived to be perverting Biblical truth in matters of apocalyptic interpretation. Ivan is very happily married father of one, and is at present working on a sequel to this book.