The 16 Faces of Women

The Definitive Guide to Modern Woman

by Stephen Whitehead


ISBN: 9781849895095
  • Word Count62,517
  • Page Count182
  • IllustrationsNone

The definitive guide to the female species. The 16 Faces of Women is the first book to unveil the hidden character which makes up modern woman. The book really gets below the surface of femininity and exposes just what it means to be a woman today – the positives and the negatives. From sex to love, family to career, relationships to appearances, this book candidly and honestly tells it all. Written by sociological experts on gender studies and based on extensive research, The 16 Faces of Women is an indispensible guide for any woman who wants to know which types of men she attracts, what other women think of her, and whether she is destined to be a home bird or a leader of men. This book is also a must-have purchase for any man who is in a relationship with a modern woman, or wants to be. Written in a direct, insightful, yet humorous style, The 16 Faces of Women is a unique book for both sexes. What do men love about ‘Chameleon’? What sort of mother does ‘Angelina’ make? What makes ‘Diva’ such a seducer of men? Why is Lois Lane’ destined to rule the world? And what gets ‘Plate Spinner’ in such a whirl?

About the Author

Dr Stephen Whitehead is an internationally renown academic and writer on gender, sexuality and identity. He lectures at universities in the UK and Asia, and has published extensively. His books have been translated into 15 languages. Stephen is currently researching gender identity and sexuality transformations in South East Asia. He lives in Thailand. Rachael McNicol is a lecturer, writer and researcher into sociology, theology, gender and women’s studies. Her research includes a comparative analysis of the female dress codes within Christianity and Islam.  Rachael is currently researching the concept of the sacred feminine in religious discourse. Rachael lives in the Midlands with her husband and three children.