Tell Your Own Future

by Bryan Spain


ISBN: 9781849892414
  • Word Count7,000
  • Page Count20
  • IllustrationsNone

Knowing the future is the dream of most people. Astrologers, horse tipsters and actuaries all try to assess what will happen tomorrow and the day after. This book sets out 100 questions on subjects as diverse as romance, business, money and jobs. You choose a question, select a letter, consult the location chart…and hey presto – there is the answer that you have been longing to know! The best way to enjoy this trip into the future is with friends where everyone enjoys the pleasure (or discomfort!) of the revealing answers… The book is intended to bring a smile to your face – although feedback suggests that some of the answers have proved to be remarkably accurate!

About the Author

Bryan Spain is an author of 65 books mainly on construction costs and measurement. He also appeared - as a consulted professionsl - on TV Watchdog about cowboy builders. Bryan acted as part-time sports correspondent for North East England for The Observer, produced scripts for teenage romance picture stories and has written horoscopes and short stories for many years.