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Sweet Acceptance Versus Bitter Resistance

Overcoming Addiction & Bad Habits Using Psychology, Spiritualism & Law Of Attraction Combined!

by Peter Sacco


ISBN: 9781849899840
  • Word Count40,778
  • Page Count157
  • Illustrations24 Colour images

This book uses 3 tenets for treating addiction: Psychology, spiritualism and law of attraction. When readers apply the proven principles in this book, they will be able to overcome any kind of addiction, bad habit as well as set positive, productive belief systems.

About the Author

Peter Andrew Sacco, Ph.D. specializes in addictions and relationships. He had led support groups for addictions/mental health as well as lecturing at universities, addiction treatment facilities and appearing regularly on television as a resident expert. He is the author of many other self-help books on relationships, addictive personalities, mental health issues and self-esteem building.