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An America funded Australian spy operation is under way to ascertain what the French are building underground on one of their Pacific Ocean islands. Following their nuclear bomb testing at Mururoa Atoll in the South Pacific, and sinking of Greenpeace Ship ‘Rainbow Warrior’ in Auckland Harbour New Zealand by French Agents Prieur and Mafart in July 1985, the current French government is deemed as furtive and untrustworthy by fellow United Nations members. The American Government believing its array of navigation and communication satellites could be compromised by whatever it is the French are constructing, are determined to avert any French skulduggery.

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Bob Stevens


Bob is an adventurer who afflicted with dromomania from a young age, has visited more than 80 countries and every continent except Antarctica. Just what is over the other side of that ocean, desert, mountain range or river? An adrenaline seeker, over the years he has been involved in racing motorcycles, rodeo riding, skydiving, bungee diving and flying his own aircraft in Australia and internationally. Upon leaving high school in New Zealand, Bob commenced a five year mechanical apprenticeship and a year after completion, aged 22, he travelled to Australia where over a period of 12 months he had a variety of jobs including that as a ditch digging labourer. On big money as a steel fixer at Woomera Rocket Range in the South Australian Desert, Bob soon had enough saved for a boat trip to the UK. During four years working mostly as a mechanic in London and Birmingham, Bob travelled to the continent several times with one trip north of the Arctic Circle in Norway to view the midnight sun. After returning to New Zealand Bob married and later brought his family including a daughter and son to Australia to adopt citizenship and live permanently. Working as a fitter welder in Queensland coal mines kept Bob occupied for a few years and then for 18 years up until retirement, he worked in the oil industry as a crane operator on rigs in Australia and South East Asia. First wife Ann died in Canada during a trip home from Russia in 1996 and ten years later, Bob married Chinese Indonesian Lania. His first foray into the world of writing is publication of hard copy biography ‘Buckley’s Chance’ pertaining to Australian agricultural pilot Ben Buckley. Second publication “Barbed Wire and Bougainvillea” in eBook form covers Bob’s time as a non – religious missionary at a Catholic Mission 800 km up the Fly River in Papua New Guinea. With “Skulduggery” now published, Bob devotes his time compiling a manuscript about his adventures in Africa.







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