Seven Seasons of Wrath

A story of penal servitude

by Douglas Coop


ISBN: 9781785380617
  • Word Count78,118
  • Page Count247
  • IllustrationsNone

In 1834 young George White becomes a victim of intrigue. He is arrested in England and sentenced to transportation to ‘parts beyond the seas’ for a period of seven years. We follow him through jails, a Thames prison hulk and the long sea voyage ending in a famous shipwreck. In Australia he finds romance, but they both face many more challenges in a story of adventure, intrigue and romance.

About the Author

I am a retired eye surgeon living in Tauranga, New Zealand. After winning first prize in a National Short Story Competition in 1994, I have gone on topublish the following books described in my website: www.douglascoop.co.nz 1996: I won first prize in New Zealand’s national short story competition, WDSSC, with ‘The Legacy’, a humorous story about the consequences of a will.1997-2006: I edited TONE, the Journal of the Nelson School of Music, in which I wrote more than forty essays on music. 2010, I published the essays titled, ‘From the Sidelines of Music’.2009: I published ‘That’s Life’, a series of excerpts from incidents in my life, as told on Sunday Evening Shows, New Zealand Radio, National.2010: Crowds and Leadership: the art of influencing crowds. For the last four years this book has remained top of page one of a general website dealing with leadership and crowds, registering almost 10 million hits.2011: ‘Gone Missing’, written to give guidance to those left Behind when a loved one goes missing. All proceeds of sale go to the Family and Friends of Missing Persons Charitable Trust, Australasia.