Rolling Stones – The Quiz Book

by Wayne Wheelwright


ISBN: 9781783332830
  • Word Count2,249
  • Page Count19
  • IllustrationsNone
  • SeriesMusic Trivia

The Rolling Stones are one of the greatest bands the world has ever seen. After 50 years of material they are still a huge draw and their tours sell out all over the world. The Rolling Stones have topped charts all over the world and Jagger, Richards and co now in their 70’s show no sign of slowing down. In this quiz book your knowledge of the super group will be tested. From their early beginnings all the way to their tour this year these questions cover many subjects. Their songs, albums, band members past and present, controversies that have followed them around and much more.

About the Author

Wayne Wheelwright has put together quiz books on a number of subjects including TV shows, sports, clebrities and comic book characters.