When a powerful robot swoops in to save the scientific team stranded aboard a sinking ship, its motives are questioned by a cynical world. Soon, however, the media is flooded with reports of the machine, which continues to rescue people from one environmental disaster after another. While the public come to see the mysterious robot as a modern day saviour, international leaders question its intentions. It is left to eight year old Dillon to decipher the actions of the automaton…

Robot Wake confronts a question at the heart of the modern social conscience: what are we doing to our planet, and would it be a better place without us?

About the Author

Ed Green is a writer, architect and teacher. For some time, he has been preoccupied by the nature of the relationship between accepted western lifestyles, changing social patterns, and the deteriorating health of our planet. He currently lives in South Wales with his wife and three children, all of whom love robots.