Propeller Aerodynamics

The History, Aerodynamics & Operation of Aircraft Propellers

by Frank Hitchens


ISBN: 9781785381249
  • Word Count46,527
  • Page Count203
  • Illustrations63 full colour photographs, 19 b&w diagrams

Classical aerodynamics is a compulsory study subject for pilots at all levels of experience. Propeller Aerodynamics is a subset of this fascinating subject. Propellers have their unique aerodynamic terminology, forces and handling requirements, knowledge of which all pilots must be aware of to safely handle the aircraft they are flying. Incorrect propeller handling can cause damage to the aircraft and reduce performance efficiency. Most aerodynamic text books only give a brief view of propeller aerodynamics; however this book Propeller Aerodynamics delves more deeply into this subject. The book covers the history and operation of aircraft propellers, prop pitch, thrust, efficiency, aircraft stability, prop forces, constant-speed units and more. This is all essential reading for the pilot progressing to more advanced high-performance aircraft.

About the Author

Frank Hitchens was born in England and, after a stint in the merchant navy, moved to New Zealand where he learned to fly and gained his commercial pilots licence in 1973. His interest in aviation has remained firmly entrenched over the years, leading to an interest in the technical side of aviation and a hobby of aviation photography and also writing. Apart from several magazine articles, he has also authored Range & Endurance and Formulas for the E6-B Air Navigation Computer.