Promises of Love and Good Behaviour


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In a dreamlike setting, this surreal book explores the interaction and emotions of a man, his wife and a young woman caught in a love triangle. In this deeply moving love story, the characters travel back and forth in time, each expressing their experience and singular perception of particular events. Through their encounter, from which they cannot escape, they learn about each other as they convey their most intimate thoughts and feelings, shedding all artifice in the process. The story concerns a modern, self-assured and successful young couple who take personal risks, making promises of love and good behaviour to each other. The game of their life is full of exciting challenges and opportunities but, as in all games, there are rules which, when broken, ensure there are no clear-cut winners or losers.

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Roderick Craig Low


Roderick Craig Low, the elder son of Scottish parents, was born and brought up in England. On leaving grammar school, he lived in Scotland for about five years before moving south to Yorkshire where he raised a family. It was then that he was able to apply his liking for language to his professional life, trading his role as a computer consultant for that of a technical author providing manuals to support software systems and business processes for many ‘big name’ companies. In 1994, he remarried. His book, ‘Writing User Documentation’, was published by Prentice Hall that same year. Creative writing, however, was the ultimate goal but the pressures of everyday life prevented its realisation. He moved to France in 2003 and, in addition to enjoying the delights of living in rural France, can now devote more time to this activity. His first book, ‘Three Hundred Hours’, was published in 2009, and was followed by three further novels, ‘England 2026. After the Discord’, ‘Going Nowhere’ and ‘Rewards & Dilemmas’, all published by Andrews UK in 2012. He has also written a number of short stories for conventional and on-line publication.







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