Poseidon’s Trident

by Patricia Fenn


ISBN: 9781849897495
  • Word Count100,541
  • Page Count321
  • IllustrationsNone
  • SeriesThe Atlantis Trilogy

When Dublin barmaid, Bridget Gallagher, rises to fame and fortune as Europe’s top fashion model, her life seems idyllic; until a monster from the past returns to haunt her. Ancient secrets, wrapped in an archaeological site in Crete, bring back the terrors of a fiendish psychopath who raped her and left a trail of murders in his wake. Now he has a lust for the most atrocious revenge. Is her future father-in-law prepared to sacrifice her life, and the life of the baby inside her, to the monster that his son has become?

About the Author

Patricia Fenn is an English photographer who resides on the Greek Island of Crete with her husband, Berty.