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This is very much a 21st century thriller, involving ‘a new kind of treason’.
Police Inspector Steven Redmond, of Special Branch, is charged with investigating the suspicious deaths by ‘accident’ or ‘suicide’ of several Ministry of Defence computer experts. He soon realises that he is expected to deliver a ‘whitewash’ report and that to buck the system is to put his career on the line. Compelled by his assistant, computer expert Sergeant Gail Harper, and by continued unexplained deaths, Redmond digs deeper. He soon finds out that not only is he under surveillance, but that several of the victims are linked to a top-secret Anglo-American defence project code-named Piccolo. As Redmond and Harper peel away Piccolo’s grim secrets, they slowly unearth a massive and deadly conspiracy that encompasses both British and American governments and big business and which threatens to engulf them in a tide of bloody violence. The nonstop action builds as it moves from London to Florida and on to a climactic, vicious firefight where only the winners will survive.

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James Baddock


James Baddock has had six thrillers published in the UK, USA and Canada. Reactions to these have included being described as ‘leading the pack in suspense mystery’ by Clive Cussler, and having ‘much in common with Jack Higgins’ by the Daily Express. His books are all very much fast paced espionage thrillers, with the emphasis on action, although characters are given space to grow and develop; indeed, one of his priorities is to avoid stereotypes and to let their strengths and weaknesses emerge as the story unfolds, especially in terms of how they behave when under extreme pressure. Five of these books (The Dutch Caper, Emerald, Piccolo, The Alaska Project and The Faust Conspiracy) are now being published as ebooks, along with two brand new titles (Berlin Endgame and Servants Of The State).
During a previous life, James taught English and Media Studies at several Secondary and Upper Schools, but still found time to gain an Honours Degree in English Literature and a Masters Degree in Media, Culture and Communications. His interests include reading, rock music, films and Tottenham Hotspur (not necessarily in that order).