Samuel's Story

by Harry Fox


ISBN: 9781849897372
  • Word Count27,440
  • Page Count97
  • IllustrationsNone

Pavilion – Samuel’s story sets the opulence and excesses of the former Prince Regent, recently crowned George IV and his summer residence the magnificent Brighton Pavilion against a young architect’s assistant Samuel Grey who finds himself working there. Samuel has a heavy social conscience and is appalled at the King’s profligacy when the working people of England are hungry and suppressed following the end of the Napoleonic Wars in 1815. After accidentally witnessing the violation of Caroline a young servant girl in the fables tunnels underneath the Pavilion by one of the King’s acolytes, Samuel first vows to avenge her, then falls in love with her. But after making a terrible discovery in one of the tunnels their plans for revenge expand even further than either of them had dared to imagine, perhaps even to the toppling of the Monarchy itself. A lot of the characters, the King, Lord Alvanley and John Nash obviously did exist but I have taken some liberties with their manner and propensities!

About the Author

Harry Fox is the pen name of author and semi-professional musician Nigel Fry. In between writing books song writing, playing gigs and recording with the duo Six String Vandals he manages to work full time as a Legal Books Account Manager and be a full time Husband and Dad to wife Jenni and children Harry and Holly-Mae. Born, bred and still living in Northampton he went to Northampton Grammar School where he spent (wasted?) his time excelling at Rugby, Athletics and all things non-academic except English. He is currently half-way through a degree course in Religious Studies that he hopes to complete before senility takes over. He has three more unpublished novels ready to hit the streets as soon as time allows to 'whip them into shape' so watch this space!