Paper Scissors Stone

by Marylyn Palmer


ISBN: 9781785383304
  • Word Count38,466
  • Page Count127
  • IllustrationsNone
  • SeriesThe Dominoes Trilogy

Paper – poisoned by a pen
Scissors – stabbed in the back
Stone – rocked with accusations of a crime

The Dominoes are stacked.

At last, Jennifer has the much-coveted job of Deputy Manager at Little Ones Nursery but with one push the dominoes topple over, the game plan changes and she is embroiled in a psychological contest of Paper Scissors Stone.

Fighting to save her reputation and career whilst at war with everyone she loves, Jennifer is desperate to win the battle of her life before her entire world comes tumbling down.

About the Author

Marylyn Palmer was a co-founder of New Eastbourne Writers - launched in 2009 - and remained a member until 2012. She has been an active member of the Age Concern Writing Group since it began in 2011, and currently co-hosts a creative writing hub in Pevensey Bay - called Inkspot. Married, with two grown up children and four grandchildren, Marylyn has room in her life for just one pet - a small toy dog called Salarmy (purchased from a Salvation Army charity shop -hence the name) - who features, as the real thing, in Sticks and Stones, the last book in the Dominoes Trilogy, which Marylyn is currently working on. This novella - Paper Scissors Stone is the second in Marylyn’s Dominoes Murder Mystery Trilogy. Tumbling Down, the first book in the Dominoes Trilogy series was published in 2011.