Octavius Mint and the Indigo Dragon

The adventures of an action hero who is all mouth and no trousers

by William Stafford


ISBN: 9781781663042
  • Word Count57,017
  • Page Count175
  • IllustrationsNone

Irrepressible, intergalactic good-time guy Octavius wakes in a grey room. He has many questions – not least of which is how he came to be there. Making good use of his quick wit and pretty face, Octavius embarks on a series of adventures in which he strives to uncover the secrets of his past and unravel the mystery of the Indigo Dragon. This funny and inventive story will entertain fans of science fiction, fantasy and saucy humour.

About the Author

William Stafford is a playwright, theatre critic and drama teacher. His previous novels are Leporello On The Lam and Someday, My Prince