Missing Louise

A missing backpacker, a body and a mystery buried in the revolution

by Nicholas Frankcom


ISBN: 9781783330508
  • Word Count82,300
  • Page Count247
  • IllustrationsNone

Louise Pemberton goes missing backpacking in South East Asia.  With no leads there is only one person left who can possibly help.  Her ex-boyfriend. Set against the magnificent backdrop of Thailand and Laos, an epic search begins via treacherous pitfalls and double twists.  A search that will ultimately lead to a quest for a lost icon buried in the embers of a revolution.  With rising stakes it seems everyone wants them to fail.  Missing Louise is a fast paced thriller which twists and turns its way towards an unexpected climax.

About the Author

Nicholas Frankcom has travelled extensively through South East Asia. Originally writing travel articles, he turned to fiction and wrote his first novel, “The Monivong Hit” in 2004, a thriller set in Cambodia. His new novel, “Missing Louise” is based further north in Laos and once again hopes to explore and get beneath the skin of Laos through a tense thriller full of colour and powerful imagery. He currently lives in Bristol with his wife Kylie and Merlin the cat.