Mimosa Fortune and the Smuggler’s Curse

by Echo Freer


ISBN: 9781783336616
  • Page Count122
  • IllustrationsNone
  • Word Count41,785

The quirky quest of a psychic time-traveller:Mmimosa Fortune has travelled the world with her clairvoyant mother – and now she’s travelling through time! Name the country and Mimosa’s lived there – but never for very long! So, when she and her mother arrive in the fishing town of Whitby and set up as fortune tellers, Mimosa’s looking forward to making new friends – especially the drop-dead gorgeous Quill Newton. the probelm is, Quill is a ghost who lived over two hundred years ago. But he needs her help – and he needs it now…

About the Author

Echo Freer was born and brought up in Yorkshire but now lives in east London. Her highly acclaimed Magenta Orange series of books has been translated into 10 languages and Diamond Geezers was long listed for the Leicester Book of the Year in 2003. Mimosa Fortune was short listed for the Hillingdon Book of the Year in 2007. Echo is a former secondary school teacher and now divides her time between writing and visiting school talking about her work.