Meditations and Inspirations


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In April 2010 I was very unexpectedly gifted with three Channelled Meditations, which was something I had never experienced before.   On three consecutive nights I was awoken at about 4am, with a vivid impression of disembodied hands throwing words, phrases and pictures into my churning mind.   In the morning I sat at the computer, startled to find that I remembered absolutely everything, which, when disentangled, evolved into the channelled meditations.



In April 2011 I was once again awakened at 4am, but this time a voice to me to write down the “Tread Lightly on the Earth” instruction.   When I asked if I could be given a name, I was told “Azrael”, who is the Angel of Transformation.



In order to share these very beautiful meditations, I also added some which I have composed and some mini-visualisations, together with a small collection of inspiring thoughts, which I hope will help others as they have helped me.

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