Martin Little, Resurrected

A gang of misfits' impossible adventure

by Ella Medler


ISBN: 9781849898232
  • Word Count89,227
  • Page Count183
  • IllustrationsNone

Martin Little, Resurrected is a quirky and original novel which seamlessly blends the daily irritations of contemporary life in Britain with an unusual and unexpected setting. The storyline is action-packed, moderately thought-provoking and relentlessly funny. In order to rescue the girl with whom he has fallen in love despite his better judgement, Martin has to set aside his snobbish hang-ups and inhibitions and work together with his newly acquired friends, a gang of lawless misfits whom he despises. The plot thickens and picks up pace as the loop of officialdom trips them up and the law threatens to catch up with them. Through all this, Martin has to stay one step ahead and find help where it doesn’t seem possible in order to earn his friends’ and his own freedom. Essentially a light-hearted journey of discovery and self-improvement, the many dizzying twists and heady surprises make this story an engaging read and a real crowd pleaser with universal appeal.

About the Author

Ella Medler is a novelist who lives in Cornwall, UK, with her husband and two teenage daughters. Born in Transylvania, Ella started her writing career as a child writing comedy sketches which she then performed stand-up with her friends mostly during school winter holidays. After graduation, she travelled the world working in financial development and absorbing languages and cultures along the way. After a few years pursuing a traditional career, Ella drifted back to writing and the arts. Nowadays, she could be more often found in her local theatre, where she gladly helps with anything, from costume making to script writing, on a voluntary basis.